I assume if you've come here, you're familiar with some of my novels. I hope
    they've touched you in some way. And entertained. I work hard to keep you
    turning those pages. If one of my books keeps you up late? Victory is mine!

    I feel blessed and privileged to be writing for you. After all, what good does
    it do to have all these characters running around in my head, chattering to
    each other, giving me no peace whatsoever, if there's no one else to listen?
    That's where you come in. You listen to them, and through them, to me. And
    through the characters and the stories, you know the way my mind works
    (a scary thought), as well as my heart, my flaws, my fears, my hopes, and my

    In general, the journeys of my characters are based on my own struggles,
    stubbornness, missteps, and victories. I may not have experienced exactly
    the same situations that plague them (ah, the benefits of imagination!) but
    the emotions and angst they confront are universal and common to many of
    life's challenges. And though we don't like to admit it, we do gain the most
    growth through the hard times. Easy, it's not. But rewarding? There is no
    measure. Being a survivor, whether it be regarding a death in the family,
    lost love, career detours, or merely getting through today so we can tackle
    tomorrow, is the heady and harrowing substance of life.  And novels.

                      Novel Categories:
    Historical: I've written two types of historical novels:  historical
    romance and historical bio-novels--biographical novels about real women
    of history such as Jane Austen and Martha Washington.  In their case, I let
    the real women tell their stories.  In the case of my historical romances, I
    do the telling. The Gilded Age is my pet era of history right now (the last
    third of the nineteenth century), the era of the Vanderbilts, the Astors, and
    the enormous influx of European immigrants into America.  The contrast is
    perfect for story-telling. I really love doing the research--a fact that
    continues to surprise me. My characters are fictional but the setting and
    time of history are as real and factual as I can make them.

    Contemporary: These novels are set in the present and strive to
    lift you up as you join the characters in various crises of living. They
    incorporate all aspects of life: family, faith, tragedy, and triumph with a
    lot of conflict stirring the soup . . . But be assured of this: in the end, you
    will feel good. And hopefully you will even feel better about yourself and
    your own life journey. You may cry along the way, but hey, such is life.
    Included in this batch of novels are books that contain a bit of magical
    realism (Invitation and Steadfast Surrender); spiritual warfare (Quest &
    The Temptation); time travel (Time Lottery, Second Time Around);
    courtroom drama (Solemnly Swear); a plane crash (The Seat Beside Me);
    football (John 3: 16), a life-changing contest (Crossroads), a life-changing
    destiny (The Good Nearby), and a series all about sisterhood (The Sister Circle
    series.) Hopefully, you’ll find something you enjoy.

    Which leads to the common thread in all my novels: finding your purpose.
    No matter if the book is about Mozart's sister, a plane crash, a Victorian
    boarding house, or time travel, one message prevails: we each have a
    unique God-given purpose. The trick is to find out what it is. I hope my
    books help you take one step closer to that amazing knowledge.

    So enjoy the site. And let me hear from you. We're in this together.

    God bless us every one.

    Nancy Moser

                 "The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me." (Psalm 138: 8)333

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