embarks on a journey to the Wild West, and her life will be changed forever.
                                   A setting populated by hundreds of laborers, outlaws, and Indians is hardly the place
                                   for a wealthy general’s daughter from the nation’s capital. But Josephine Cain is
                                   determined to visit her father, who supervises the day-to-day work involved in the
                                   grandest ambition of post-Civil War America: the building of the Transcontinental
                                   Railroad.  Life with the railroad is far from the proper life Josephine is used to,
                                   and she faces deadly gunfights, harsh weather, and vigilante uprisings. She is torn
                                   between the West and the East; between her privileged upbringing and the challenges
                                   of the frontier; between the pull of the suitable beau her parents approve of and an
                                   attraction to a rough but charming Irish railroad worker. But if Josephine is willing,
                                   she just might discover a new life, a unique purpose . . . and true love.

    BEHIND THE STORY: I never realized the impact of having a railroad from coast to coast. But
    before the Transcontinental Railroad was built, it took six months to go from D.C. to San Francisco. After
    it was built?  A few days! Plus, the project gave many soldiers, just home from the Civil War, a job. Plus,
    it provided hope for the entire country.  SEE MY PINTEREST STORY BOARD! And Check out 1860's fashion.
                            Read an excerpt

    A PATCHWORK CHRISTMAS is a collection of three historical novellas
    by Nancy Moser, Judith Miller, and Stephanie Grace Whitson.  The Gilded Age
    in New York City, the plains of Nebraska in 1875, and the Amana Colonies in
    Iowa, set the stage for these three stories that revolve around quilts and Christmas.
    As a bonus, in the back of the back of the book are recipes including one from my own
    grandmother) and directions to make a crazy quilt ornament, a knitted pair of mittens,
    and a patchwork doll quilt! Plus... there are book club discussion questions.  This is a
    beautiful book with deckled edges, and an embossed cover. It would make a wonderful
    Christmas gift or a gift for anyone who loves quilts.

                                           BEHIND THE STORY:  Judy Miller and Stephanie Whitson are my dear friends, so the
    chance to write a novella collection with them was a joy.  The Amana Colonies, pioneer Nebraska, and New
    York in the Gilded Age... there's got to be a story in the collection that appeals to you!

                                                                                   Read an Excerpt
    Buy on Amazon                                                                                                                                                Buy at CBD.com

    AN UNLIKELY SUITOR is three romances in one--and was just named as one
    of the Top 10 Romances in 2011 by Booklist.  Set in 1895 during the lavish Gilded Age
    of Newport, Rhode Island’s summer season, the story binds two Italian immigrant
    sisters with a wealthy young woman in sore need of confidence.  A David & Jonathan
    friendship evolves, allowing all three women a chance to become their best and fullest
    selves, as they discover their purpose along with true love.

    BEHIND THE STORY:  An Unlikely Suitor began as the story of Lucy (a
    seamstress) and Rowena (her wealthy friend).  But Lucy’s little sister Sofia kept
    pestering me, wanting me to tell her story too.  And so, about halfway through
    writing the book, I backed up to the beginning and let Sofia have her say. Cheeky kid.
    Actually, Lucy and Sofia Scarpelli were seen in Masquerade, as members of the
    immigrant family that gave Lottie sanctuary. It was great fun continuing their story
    and giving them a romantic storyline.

                                                                         Read an Excerpt

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    MASQUERADE: Charlotte Gleason is set to marry one of America's wealthiest
    heirs. When doubts surface, she trains her maid Dora to take her place while she seeks
    adventure in New York City. What begins as the whim of a spoiled rich girl becomes a
    test of survival. Meanwhile, Dora lives a fairy tale amid gowns and lavish mansions, yet
    is tormented by the presence of another love that will not die. Will their masquerade
    be discovered? Will one of them have second thoughts? There are no guarantees. It's a
    risk. It's the chance of a lifetime.

    BEHIND THE STORY: This book gave me a chance to incorporate all the girlie
    things I love: gorgeous dresses, balls, opulent mansions, and romance. It's as if I took
    all the scenes I would want to read and put them together. Also, to whet my fashion
    passion, every time I had my characters wear a gown, I found a real picture from a period
    publication and have included eight of those illustrations in the back of the book. Enjoy
    the luscious gowns while you're wearing your comfy jeans!

                                                        Read an Excerpt      See the Book Trailer

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                                BIOGRAPHICAL NOVELS
                                                        Real women of history come to life

    WASHINGTON'S LADY:  Martha Washington.  It's has been said that without
    George Washington there would be no United States. But without Martha, there would
    be no George Washington. He called her "my other self." Who was this woman who
    captured the heart of our country's founder? Martha Dandridge Custis was a wealthy,
    attractive widow and the mother of two small children when she married the French
    and Indian War hero. Her new life as Martha Washington took her through blissful times
    at Mount Vernon, family tragedies, six years of her husband's absence during the
    Revolutionary War, and her position as a reluctant First Lady.  

    BEHIND THE STORY: I always thought of Martha as merely the plump woman in
    her dashing husband's shadow. But in researching her life I found her to be so much more.
    What that woman went through! Although she would have loved to stay home in Mt.          
    Vernon, she spent every winter of the Revolutionary War up north with George and the
    troops in their camps. The soldiers looked forward to the arrival of "Lady Washington."
    She was a giver—sometimes giving too much. But above all, she was a survivor. She
    humbled me and made me proud to be an American. FYI: Washington's Lady was a finalist
    for a Christy Award.

                                                                      Read an excerpt

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    HOW DO I LOVE THEE?: Elizabeth Barrett Browning. The year is 1845. After her
    brother dies in a sailing accident, the grief-stricken, sickly Elizabeth Barrett becomes a
    recluse. She is a published poet—but a virtual prisoner in her own home. Blind family
    loyalty ties her to a tyrannical father who forbids any of his children to marry. She
    resigns herself to simply existing. That is, until the letter arrives... "I love your verses
    with all my heart," writes Robert Browning, a fellow poet. As friendly correspondence
    gives way to something more, Elizabeth discovers that Robert's love is not for her words '
    alone. Could it be that God might grant her more than mere existence? And can she risk
    defying her father in pursuit of happiness? The answer is a dramatic yes. True love does
    prevail—even at the age of 38.

    BEHIND THE STORY: The love story of Elizabeth and Robert Browning seems
    impossible—and it would have been, if God hadn't been involved. Over and over I was
    moved by evidence of Divine intervention. These two people needed each other so much  
    that God went to great lengths to bring them together. They saved each other. It's truly
    an inspiring story. Also inspiring are the love sonnets Elizabeth wrote—for her eyes only.  
    As a bonus in this book, we have included the "Sonnets from the Portuguese" in the back
    of the book. Read them for yourself! How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways...

                                                                   Read an Excerpt

    JUST JANE: Jane Austen. Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth Bennett, Marianne Dashwood... you
    probably know more about Jane Austen's characters than you do about Jane. Not
    anymore! I've written a bio-novel about her life, letting Jane tell you about her loves,
    family problems, and the struggles of being a woman novelist in 1800. She was a woman
    penned in by the restrictions of society (pun intended) yet a woman who was strong
    enough to discover the satisfaction of being just Jane.  

    BEHIND THE STORY: I am honored and humbled to share a profession with this
    woman. Needless to say I connected with Jane Austen and found many of her struggles
    to be my struggles--to be universal struggles. The changes in the world from 1807 to
    2007 are vast, but the changes in human nature are not. Witty and wise, I would have
    loved to call Jane my friend. Oh, the characters and plot lines we could have brainstormed!

                                                                     Read an Excerpt

    MOZART'S SISTER: BONUS EDITION: Nannerl Mozart. In 1763, 11-year-old Nannerl
    Mozart performed before the crowned heads of Europe with her younger brother,
    Wolfgang. But behind the glamour lurked dark difficulties—the hardship of travel, agonizing
    bouts of illness, and the constant concern over money. Their father, Leopold, is driven by
    a desire to bring his son's genius to the attention of the world. But what about Nannerl?
    Was she not just as talented? In a time where women's choices are limited, what hope
    did she have of ever realizing her own dreams?  

    BEHIND THE STORY: I got the idea for this story when I was taking a tour of the
    Mozart's home in Salzburg, Austria. The tour guide said, "People don't know this, but
    Mozart's sister was just as talented as she was, but because she was a woman she didn't
    have the chance to fully develop her talent.  Sold! I had to bring Nanner's story to life.

    BONUS: Some readers of Mozart's Sister have inquired, "What's fact and what's fiction in this
    story?"  To answer this question I have put together a bonus edition of this novel, that includes a "Facts & Fiction
    in Mozart's Sister" section that dissects the book scene-by-scene and tells you what's real and what's Nancy.
    There's also a bit of commentary included for those of you who want to know what I think
    about certain 18th century this-and-thats. I've also included discussion questions.

                                                                                      Read an Excerpt

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                                    Contemporary Novels:
             Sisterhood, time travel, angels, and a plane crash...something for everyone.

    JOHN 3:16: Recently widowed, Roman Paulson's life revolves around his son, Billy,
    a college football hero with a promising future. Maya Morano desperately wants a child
    and is willing to risk her ethics to get one. Peter McLean is set to take over the family
    farm until temptation lures him away. And Velvet Cotton approaches middle age with
    the attitude that this is all there is—such as it is. All four find themselves on a journey         
    that will open their hearts to a "John 3:16" sign held up at a football game. This simple
    act of faith intersects and changes their lives—forever.

    BEHIND THE STORY: College football is a big part of my life. My husband and I
    were born and raised in Nebraska and both graduated from the University there. We still
    attend Husker games (GO BIG RED!) and our closets hold a ridiculous number of red
    sweat-shirts. That's why I couldn't resist setting John 3:16 at Nebraska. But I promise Sooner
    and Longhorn fans will enjoy it too.
                                                                      Read an Excerpt
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    SOLEMNLY SWEAR: Four members of a jury come together to convict or acquit a
    murder suspect. But the drama has more to do with the parts the jurors play within their
    own lives as they pretend and ignore and try to hide from God. Who is being more true to
    who they really are? The jurors? Or the accused?  

    BEHIND THE STORY: It's an odd occurrence when characters don't behave
    themselves. In the writing of this book some characters behaved nicely, and others had
    the audacity to try to hide themselves--from me of all people! Little did they know how
    tenacious and stubborn I am, and that I would prevail. I did prevail, but it was often
                                                                     Read an Excerpt

    THE GOOD NEARBY: Meet Gigi. Abandoned by her parents, she's a little girl with
    nothing to hold onto but the memory of her grandmother's love and the belief that some
    day she'll have the chance to do something important. Meet the patrons of Neighbor's
    Drugstore. From the clerk who's desperately trying to turn her life around, to the lonely
    empty-nester who wants the freedom to make her own decisions, to the high-powered
    lawyer with a deep secret, they're all trying to survive another day. Yet the key to a rich,
    fulfilled life is closer than they think, if only they will open their eyes and hearts to the
    good nearby.

    BEHIND THE STORY: One interesting twist about the little girl character…she has
    the number 96 appear over and over in her life. What does it mean? (You'll have to read the
    book, because I'm not telling.)  
                                                                     Read an Excerpt

    CROSSROADS/WEAVE OF THE WORLD: Weaver, Kansas, is dying—and
    Madeline Weaver is determined to do whatever it takes to save it. Her solution: buy up the
    entire town and hold a contest to give away the homes and businesses, giving Madeline full
    control of who lives there. But once these modern pioneers accept the offer nd populate
    the town, their lives intersect in ways completely out of Madeline's control.

    BEHIND THE STORY: For those of you who liked the Mustard Seed series, this book
    takes the Bauer family from that series and makes them one of the winners. It was fun
    getting back together with old friends like Kathy and Roy.  Also, it was originally released
    as "Crossroads" but recently released under my favorite title:  "Weave of the World."

                                                                                     Read an Excerpt


                           The Time Lottery Series

    TIME LOTTERY: (Book 1) Would you like another shot at the "road not taken"? Three
    lucky people get just that when they win the chance to travel back into their own lives to
    change something. The winners find out that God will go to great lengths to give them yet
    another chance to turn to Him. But will they?  What decision in your life would you like to

    BEHIND THE STORY: I first wrote this book ten years before it was published.
    I set it aside—and rewrote it—many, many times. It was the book that would not die. A
    trivia quiz: Which character in Time Lottery is related to a character in one of my other
    books? It’s just one short mention, and it happened by accident when I realized they both
    had the same last name and personality. Who is it? Your prize? Knowing the secret!

    Time Lottery won a Christy Award for Christian fiction (kind of like an
    Oscar, but Hollywood royalty wasn't there and Harry Winston didn't loan
    me any jewels.) It was a shocker because it was the book I'd set aside
    for ten years. God is amazing sometimes. Often, actually. Take a look
    at Time Lottery #2: Second Time Around to read about three more
    Time Lottery winners.

                                                                     Read an Excerpt

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    SECOND TIME AROUND (Book 2): There are three more winners of the Time
    Lottery. There's a movie star who wonders what "normal" would have been like; a
    middle-aged queen of the volunteers with a needy father and a dead hippie mother;
    and an aging construction magnet who's pined away his entire life over a lost-lost fiancée.  
    Add the subsequent media frenzy and you've got trouble. And what about the attraction
    between Mac and Dr. Cheryl? Read it and find out.

    BEHIND THE STORY: At first I had one of the winners go back to Lincoln, Nebraska
    (my hometown) but realized I'd had one of the winners in the first Time Lottery book go
    back there too! Sheesh. A one track mind. Another town in the book, Dawson, Minnesota,
    has family roots for me. That's where my grandparents lived their entire lives. Their parents
    homesteaded in that area from Sweden in the 1800's. Deep roots. Uffta!

                                                                      Read an Excerpt

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                                                     The Sister Circle Series
                                                      (coauthored with Vonette Bright)

    THE SISTER CIRCLE: (Book 1: THE SISTER CIRCLE) Evelyn Peerbaugh is a widow
    without funds who is forced to open her Victorian home to boarders. Who knew such a
    diverse group of women could become as close as sisters?

    BEHIND THE STORY: Only God could have brought Vonette and me together. She's
    the co-founder of Campus Crusade and... I'm not. But now we're "sisters"--just as you can
    be. Look for the companion, interactive, study guide for this series called the Sister Circle
    Handbook. And for information about how to organize a seminar where you can celebrate
    sisterhood, and discover your gifts and your purpose, go to A God's GIfts Workshop.   

                                                                      Read an Excerpt

    Buy at Amazon.com                                                                                      Buy at Barnes&Noble.com                 

    'ROUND THE CORNER: (Book 2) Evelyn in not so sure she likes the new dynamics
    of Peerbaugh Place. Even though it had been hard adapting to strangers living in her home,
    she and the other women (from The Sister Circle) had found a calm cove of sisterhood. The
    water had been rough at times, but generally, they floated along. But now... Evelyn is
    starting over with a new set of boarders, and she isn't too keen on the idea.

    BEHIND THE STORY: We were not planning on having Mae and Audra in this book
    but they wouldn't go away! And though Tessa's off on a world cruise, never rule her out...  

                                                                     Read an Excerpt

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    AN UNDIVIDED HEART: (Book 3) Tessa's back in town, love is in the air, and a
    tenant with a penchant for plastic surgery moves in. It's natural she has issues with the other
    new tenant, a fresh young beauty who thinks "make-up" consists of Chapstick. As Evelyn
    would say: "Oh dear."  

    BEHIND THE STORY: You may not believe this, but in this book, Vonette and I never
    planned for Tessa to come up with the idea of creating Sister Circles around the world
    (which is what we'd like to do in real life.) Life imitates art imitates...you'd think we'd have
    these characters under control by now!  
                                                                       Read an Excerpt

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    A PLACE TO BELONG: (Book 4) The ladies shine as they show their faith-in-action,
    illustrating how we all can find our proper place to belong in God's plan. As the final book in
    the series, it's plum full of satisfying wrap-ups. Enjoy!

    BEHIND THE STORY: Eleven people. Eleven stories. Whew. But we enjoyed every
    minute. These sisters have become family and we're going to miss them. Maybe they'll write...
    Check out the Sister Circle Handbook below.  Great for small group study--and fun!  

                                                                      Read an Excerpt

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                               The Steadfast Series

    THE SEAT BESIDE ME: (Book 1) Ten strangers are seated next to each other on a
    plane. When take-off is delayed, they become acquainted over small talk and pretzels. But
    then their lives are linked forever when the plane crashes in an icy river. Some die--and
    some don't. And one of them becomes a hero. Is it chance or Divine design?   

    BEHIND THE STORY: I finished the final edit of this book the Friday before 9/11.
    Though this book is not about terrorism, the heroics and challenges of the survivors are the
    same. Yet the message-life-lesson readers take from the book is not what I thought they’d
    zero in on. What will you take from it? By the way, this is the book of my heart. I sent it
    to Denzel Washington, wanting him to direct and star in it. Hey, what have I got to lose?  

                                                                         Read an Excerpt

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    A STEADFAST SURRENDER: (Book 2) Claire Adams has everything: money, fame,
    talent. But when she's compelled to give up everything to follow Him—even to the small
    town of Steadfast, Kansas—the world thinks she’s crazy. But is she? Or is her steadfast
    surrender something we all can—and should—do?

    BEHIND THE STORY: Though not technically a sequel, Merry, from The Seat Beside
    Me, is in this story. This book was quite a different book when I started but evolved as I
    was brought to a total, steadfast surrender. And oh, how freeing it is! Try it! He won’t
    disappoint you.  
                                                                      Read an Excerpt

    Buy at Amazon.com                                             

    THE ULTIMATUM: (Book 3) Do you wonder what happened to runaway Jered at the
    end of A Steadfast Surrender? Wonder no more! This book focuses on Jered, and on Annie,
    the waitress at the Plentiful Café. She's a new Christian and her husband doesn't like it one
    bit. And Jered's coming home for all the wrong reasons...

    BEHIND THE STORY: I often get asked if my life has any direct affect on my writing?
    Yes! Too much so sometimes... I wrote the first draft of this novel when I was a bit stressed
    (youngest graduating, etc. etc.) The resulting manuscript was negative and moody--just like
    me! I thank God I had the chance to revise it into the positive, uplifting, fabulously perfect
    book it is now. Phew. That was close.  
                                                                     Read an Excerpt

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                                 The Mustard Seed Series
    THE INVITATION: (Book 1) Four ordinary people receive anonymous invitation
    to a small Midwest town. Amazing circumstances convince them to heed the call and
    discover that even faith as small as a mustard seed can change the world. God can use
    ordinary people in extraordinary ways if we let Him.

    BEHIND THE STORY: This book was the direct result of me dedicating my life to
    God. I wrote it with only the most basic premise of some people getting an anonymous
    invitation to go somewhere, where something would happen. I believe God was so relieved
    to finally get my attention, He graciously helped me turn a vague idea into a 425 page
    novel—in two months. It hasn't happened like that since. This was my first novel.  

                                                                   Read an Excerpt

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    THE QUEST: (Book 2) The group of believers join in a battle against the forces
    determined to stop them as they attempt to live out their God-given purpose. They learn
    they must do what's right — no matter what the cost.

    BEHIND THE STORY: I wrote this sequel while I was waiting to get a yes from the
    publisher on The Invitation (might as well be working on something, right?) Having never
    heard of length restraints, I let it all hang out, and ended up having to cut 74,000 words
    (or 41% of the novel!) to get it down to a manageable size. Finding out I’m not Michener
    was not pleasant, but was the best thing that could happen with my writing because I
    learned how to write tight.  
                                                                    Read an Excerpt

    Buy at Amazon.com                                                                                   

    THE TEMPTATION: (Book 3) Now successful in their separate pursuits, complacency
    attacks the characters' focus on God and they start believing their achievements have risen
    from their own savvy and power. They learn the true nature of temptation is inevitable,
    subtle, and potentially disastrous.

    BEHIND THE STORY: This book originally had many scenes in the point of view of
    demons before I wised up and realized readers can’t relate to demons, but can relate to
    characters dealing with evil and making choices against it.

    Note to Readers: In the back of The Temptation is an excerpt from Book Four of this series,
    The Inheritance. Small problem. There is no Book Four! (I know. Tell me about it... ) But if
    you want to read more about Kathy and her family, read Crossroads.

                                                                  Read an Excerpt

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                                     Other Projects:

    DEAREST MARGUERITE: Letters from a Soldier to the Wife He Left Behind.
    Want a real-life book of history? Try this one. It's not written by me, by but my mother—
    Marguerite Young, the Marguerite in the title. It's a lovely book of excerpts from letters
    that my father sent her when he was stationed in the Pacific in World War II. Included
    are many photos that help bring history—and their love story—to life.  

    BEHIND THE STORY: My father was gone to war for over two years, with no
    phone calls home, no furlough; soldiers were in "for the duration." The only contact
    between him and his new bride were letters. He did not even see my oldest sister until
    she was two! Mom kept all his letters, and put together a compilation for us kids. We
    were so moved by what we read, that we encouraged her to pursue its publication.
    My parents (in their nineties) have always been so supportive of my writing, that
    now it's my turn to encourage them. This is a perfect gift for history buffs, anyone with
    ties to World War II, or for those who are moved by real-life love stories. Besides,
    it would make my 94-year-old mother very happy.

Read an Excerpt

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                                                             Autographed Copies:

    If you would like an autographed copy of any of my books, just email me.
    If I have a copy in stock, I'll sell it to you via PayPal, and send it to you,
       signed with a personalized note.  $14 -- FREE SHIPPING. USA only please.

         Book #1 of the Manor House Series:
                   Love of the Summerfields

1880 England:  the lives and loves of manor and village intertwine. Earl and
shopkeeper, countess and clerk—all will be stunned and transformed by a secret
that begs to be revealed.

Adelaide Weston, the feisty and domineering dowager countess, is thrust out of
her carefully structured life of duty by the reappearance of her first love.

Ruth Weston, the manor’s reclusive, guilt-ridden countess, struggles to emerge
from self-imposed exile to embrace her marriage, her family, and the duties of
her position.

Ruth’s loyal lady’s maid,
Molly Wallace, juggles the demands of her job, the
needs of her own tumultuous family, and a secret romance.

And Lila Hayward, a shopkeeper’s daughter, finds herself in love with a viscount’
s son who’s engaged to Ruth’s spoiled daughter. Lila is sorely tested when she is
obliged to act as liaison between the two, putting her in constant contact with
the man she loves but can never hope to win.
Book #2: BRIDE OF THE SUMMERFIELDS:  1882 England: The grand estate
of Summerfield needs an influx of cash. Will a marriage to a rich American save the
Weston family’s legacy—or destroy it?

American heiress GENEVIEVE FARROW travels to Summerfield to marry Morgan
Weston, the heir to the earldom—a man she’s only met in letters.

CLARISSA WESTON returns from her secret life on the London stage seeking
acceptance and a new start. Back at Summerfield she finds a family who has carried
on without her. Can Clarissa rise above her disappointment and find a new purpose?

Orphaned goddaughter TILDA CAVENDISH visits Summerfield Manor and brings with
her blackmail, ulterior motives, and the need to choose what kind of woman she will

Former maid MOLLY WALLACE returns to Summerfield Manor to nurse an invalid
mother.  She finds herself torn between an old love and a new one, an old destiny and
one beyond her imaginings.
In honor of the 150th Anniversary of the end of the Civil War . . .
A BASKET BRIGADE CHRISTMAS:  Come join the women of
Decatur, Illinois as they minister to the wounded Union soldiers on the
hospital trains heading north from battle. Enjoy
three novellas that
showcase three very special women in A Basket Brigade Christmas.

BEHIND THE STORY: There are three novellas the involve the same
characters. "A Stitch in Time" by Stephanie Whitson, "A Pinch of Love" by
Judith Miller, and "Endless Melody" by Nancy Moser.

My first series was the Mustard Seed series. It was written in 1998-2000 when I was a newbie Christian, passionate
about God, faith, and Jesus!  Writing this series changed me. I hope it changes you.

Recently I decided to update the contemporary novels (bringing them into 2016) but otherwise the powerful stories
remain.  It's a simple, life-changing premise:


These books are special to me because they mirrored my dedication to God, and the journey of finding my
own unique purpose through Him.

*  Isn't it time you reignite your passion for Christ?
*  Isn't it time to change your life for the better?
*  Isn't it time you accept God's invitation to find your unique purpose?

                             See how God uses ordinary people in extraordinary ways!
    Read the Books that Started it All!