I have too many copies of my books lying around!  Help me clean them out!  These are all new,
print books--large paperbacks. They make great stocking stuffers!

WHAT YOU GET:  4 books for $10--my choice. I promise you won't get two of the same book. If
you've already read one of them, gift it to a friend, a charity, or a library.

WHAT YOU PAY:  $10 plus $6.50 shipping for 4 books!

If you'd like two sets of books (8 for $20), order them at the same time and I promise you won't get
Limit two sets per family--and the shipping is the same for 4 or for 8!

But I ask a favor.  I don't want to see these books being sold online. By doing so you undercut my
retail sales. I'm selling these books at such a low price for you to read or give as presents. Not to
sell. That's not nice. So don't do it. Okey dokie?

To buy
click on one of the buttons below and it will send you to Paypal. I'll get the books out to
you ASAP. U.S. addresses only please. And no returns--I don't want them back!  But I promise
you'll be pleased.

I thank you. My husband thanks you. My house thanks you!

Happy reading and Merry Christmas

Nancy Moser
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