THE QUEST: Book #2:




Complacency is deadly. Temptation lurks nearby. It’s been four years
since the invitations were delivered and lives were changed.

Julia is the first woman president of the United States. Del is a priest
face of television entertainment, and Natalie’s book is on the verge of

With each of their lives falling into place, this group of friends face
one of the enemy’s most effective tools: success. During their
challenges they gain a far better understanding than they ever
desired of the Master’s prayer, “Lead us not into temptation, but
deliver us from evil.”

A TV news producer, a housewife and mother of two, an ex-governor,
and a struggling writer are faced with that question.

They are four ordinary people with little in common other than a vague
dissatisfaction with their lives, and an unpretentious invitation that
seems to come out of nowhere.

Each dismisses the mysterious invitation as a practical joke. But when
strange—some might even call them miraculous—things start
happening, all four find themselves embarking on a journey that takes
them beyond their wildest imaginings and tests their faith to the
breaking point.

Before it’s over, each discovers that, with God, nothing is impossible.
Faith can move mountains if you open your heart to the One who has
called you.

God uses ordinary people—in extraordinary ways.
Five ordinary people know what they should do. But will they do
what’s right no matter what the cost?

It’s been two years since Natalie, Walter, Kathy, Del, and Julia
received anonymous invitations that led them to Haven, Nebraska
where their lives were changed. Now, they all struggle to follow
through with God’s direction and the promises they made.

But then amazing things start happening, and one of the Havenites
is placed in deadly peril. The others know they must answer God’s
call a second time, even if it means facing an enemy more terrifying,
more powerful, more malevolent than they’ve ever known. An enemy
determined to destroy them.

Continue the series with "The Temptation".

Though not technically a part of the Mustard Seed Series, Crossroads
continues the story of Kathy and Roy Bauer from that series...

Madeline Weaver is putting everything on the line. Her hometown is
dying, and she will stop at nothing to save it. Using her fortune to buy
up the town's land, she holds a national contest to give away the
property, piece by piece. As modern-day pioneers apply for a place in
Madeline's hyper-controlled world, she chooses only those who spark
her interest and seem suited to her own designs.

There's an egotistical banker from Manhattan, a Jewish retired couple
from Phoenix, a hometown boy turned cop, and a family from
Arkansas running away from grief. In spite of Madeline's best efforts,
the lives of these new residents quickly weave together in ways
completely out of her control.

Now faced with long-buried secrets, Madeline finds herself at the
ultimate crossroads, where she must make the most difficult decision
of her life.