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I first wrote these children's books when I had three kids at home. Now that they are grown and we have seven grandchildren, I
thought it was time to dig out some of my old ideas, pick up the pen and publish and illustrate some children's books.  "Maybe
Later" is the first book.

A bonus when you purchase the book (either Kindle or print version): I will give you a way to get some black and white pages to
color!  Such fun. That's why I call them the Doodle Art series.

"Maybe Later" is the story of a little girl who visits all the members of her family, only to be told "maybe later." Finally, she has
enough and gets the adults to see the error of their ways. Family is important--make time for each other!

"I Feel Amazing: the ABCs of Emotion" goes through the alphabet, assigning emotions to each letter. Children learn how to put a
name to what they are feeling as they see how emotions arise from everyday situations.
       Stand up for what is right, no matter the cost.

In 1868, Justine Braden’s grandmother charged her with the task of standing up
for what was right—no matter the cost. As a child of ten. Justine didn’t understand
what Granny meant. Now, ten years later, Justine leads a frivolous life as a New
York socialite. She doesn’t have to deal with issues of right and wrong. Or sacrifice.

Not yet.

For unbeknownst to Justine, generations of the women of her family share a
secret that is revealed to them when they are twenty. They can travel through
time. Such a gift presents them with a great purpose, one that is far beyond their

The gift is given, but it can be declined. Or ignored. Or embraced. If a woman is
strong enough, brave enough, and noble enough, the gift will facilitate justice and
change many lives for the better.

Join Justine on her journey from a fickle girl into a woman of great purpose and
Find Inspiration and Humor in the Carpool Lane

A woman’s work is never done, but that doesn’t stop our kids, husbands, and
relatives from adding to our to-do lists.

The only thing that saves us is our love for them—in spite of everything, and
God’s love for us—in spite of everything. Things go easier when we
remember to cry out, “Save me, God!”

Find inspiration and humor in everyday life amid the carpools, whirlpools,
and gene pools of our lives. You deserve saving!
                         The ladies of Unruffled discover
                            their place and their purpose.

1919 New York City: World War I is over and the world tries to r recover and start
fresh. The ladies of the dress store, Unruffled--Annie, Edna, Maude and
Henrietta--have been friends for years. Their bond has grown, as has their
dedication to their families, their business, and their desire to make their lives
matter. Join these amazing women in this satisfying conclusion to the Pattern Artist

Annie Culver: Annie and Sean have two young daughters. But Sean hasn't
returned from the war; he is missing. Annie tries to remain hopeful, and focuses on
their dress store, Unruffled. She is caught off guard when a suave salesman gives
her attention. She misses Sean beyond words.

Edna Holmquist: Edna is the matriarch of the group and oversees sewing the
dresses for Unruffled. As she turns sixty, Edna considers a new beau. And
someone else . . .

Henrietta Holmquist: Henrietta married Edna's son, Steven, and they have two
little boys. Steven has returned from the war, but he mentally and emotionally
suffers from its affects. Henrietta has no idea how to help him. She struggles to
handle his issues, her boys, and the bookkeeping duties of Unruffled.

Maude Ricci: Maude married the widower Antonio and is the mother of his two
teenage children. With the war over, she gets the idea to offer wedding dresses to
its customers. While using her creative side, Maude deals with her rebellious and
talented daughter, Gela. And a man from her past threatens her happy life.
1879: Justine and her family move from New Hampshire to Lawrence, Kansas to be near
her fiance's family.

Will Justine be called upon to use her special gift of time travel in this new town?

The answer is yes.

Justine travels into the past to unravel the mysteries of more than one family who have
been the victim of oppressive wickedness. Yet the
evil still lives and threatens to stop her.

But God's justice prevails. Good conquers evil. And lives revel in their newfound
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Out January 1, 2020