1880 England, the lives and loves of manor and village intertwine.
    Earl and shopkeeper, countess and clerk—all will be stunned and
    transformed by a secret that begs to be revealed.

    *  A domineering dowager countess is thrust out of her carefully
    structured life of duty by the reappearance of her first love.

    *  The manor’s reclusive, guilt-ridden countess, struggles to emerge
    from self-imposed exile to embrace her marriage, her family and the
    duties of her position.

    *  Her loyal lady’s maid juggles the demands of her job, the needs
    of her own tumultuous family, and a secret romance.

    * A shopkeeper’s daughter finds herself in love with a viscount’s son
    who’s engaged to someone else. She is obliged to act as liaison
    between the two, putting herself in constant contact with the man she
    loves but can never hope to win.

                                            BRIDE OF THE SUMMERFIELDS Book #2:

    1882 England: The grand estate of Summerfield needs an influx of
    cash. Will a marriage to a rich American save the Weston family’s
    legacy—or destroy it?

    *  An American heiress travels to Summerfield to marry the heir to
    the earldom—a man she has only met in letters.

    *  A wayward daughter returns from her secret life on the London
    stage seeking acceptance and a new start. Back at Summerfield
    she finds a family who has carried on without her. Can she rise
    above her disappointment and find a new purpose?

    * An orphaned goddaughter visits Summerfield Manor and brings
    with her blackmail, ulterior motives, and the need to choose what
    kind of woman she will become.

    * A former maid returns to Summerfield Manor to nurse an invalid
    mother. She finds herself torn between an old love and a new one,
    an old destiny and one beyond her imaginings.


1883 England: The village of Summerfield is changing. Exciting
opportunities abound, and new love fully—and finally—blooms.

Genevieve Weston will be the Countess of Summerfield one day. A
new mother of twins, Genevieve struggles with life after babies. But
through her struggles, and in the midst of a crisis, she taps into her
American entrepreneurial spirit and finds a way to utilize her talents—
and the talents of those around her.

Rebellious daughter Clarissa Weston is raising a waif she saved in
London. Her time on the stage and her adopted daughter have hurt
her chances of a highborn match—until Lord Silvey comes to visit.
Although they have a palpable attraction, Damon’s secrets threaten
to change everything.

God-daughter Tilda Cavendish has been at Summerfield Manor for
over a year yet she still struggles to find her place in the family. How
can she get Clarissa to stop hating her?

Lila Kidd is happily married to Joseph, the heir to Crompton Hall. But
she isn’t comfortable being the mistress of the manor and would
rather be back at her family’s mercantile. It will take courage and
gumption to be the woman God wants her to be.
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