Steadfast, Kansas, Population: 3,386
Annie McFay is a waitress with a calling far beyond burgers and fries.
Jered Manson is a runaway whose dad doesn't support his musical

Annie's newfound faith should make her happy, but her husband sees
it as a threat to their marriage. Jered is trying out a new friendship - a
dangerous one. And his actions may jeopardize lives besides his own.

When Annie and Jered come face-to-face in one desperate moment,
their spiritual choices become harsh reality. Threatened with disaster,
the entire town of Steadfast must band together to save them. Will the
power of prayer be enough?

You are seated next to a stranger. An insignificant coincidence, small
talk and pretzels. Yet this time, there’s a connection. A bond forms and
your life is changed for having met them.

Five passengers and the people in the seats beside them. Five plus
five. Ten lives forever linked—by chance or divine design? And
someone is a hero and doesn’t even know it.

In the aftermath of a crisis, the passengers reevaluate their priorities
and question the meaning of their lives. Compelling truths surface
about what is really important. No one will be able to ignore the
special significance of chance encounters ever again.

Is there a hero in you?
Welcome to Steadfast, Kansas. Population: 3,386. A town with hides
away in a library attic.

Claire Adams is a feisty, wealthy mosaic artist from Kansas City
who's on the edge of famous--until she feels called to abandon her
life of luxury and her art to start over. Giving up everything to follow
Jesus sounds good in the Bible, but in reality?  Everyone thinks
she's crazy. What will an eager, purpose-seeking city woman do in
tiny Steadfast?

Sim is a runaway orphan with an attitude and a nose ring. Steadfast
has never met a girl quite like Sim, and honestly, they don't know
what to do with her. Should they turn her in to authorities? Or is
everything she says about her aunt and uncle true?

Merry Cavanaugh (from The Seat Beside Me) is a woman with
nothing left to lose after her husband and son died in a plane
crash--that she survived. Steadfast is a place to start a new life. But
has she really moved on at all?

Three females trying hard to order their days and find purpose in
their lives. Little do they realize there's no escaping the One who
sees their every step and asks for their unconditional surrender. Will
they wave the white flag and step into the wonders of God's plan?

They can run but they can't hide from an Almighty God who loves