TIME LOTTERY: Book #1:


                                              SECOND TIME AROUND: Book #2:



The Time Lottery offers three winners a chance to go back into their
past and make a different life choice. They get to explore the what-if
questions that plague them.

Follow the journey of a surgeon, a socialite, and a homeless man as
they accept their winnings and totally immerse themselves in their
pasts, exploring what could have been. Will they choose to stay in
their new reality, or will they return to life as they knew it?

What would you do?

                        ** Winner of the Christy Award **
What would you change if you could do it all over again? Which
what-if question plagues you?

In this sequel to the Christy-award winning "Time Lottery", three
lottery winners get a chance to explore a different life choice.

*  Can contractor David stop the love of his life from dying?
*  Can college student Vanessa break the patterns of family
dysfunction before she makes a terrible mistake?
*   Can movie star Lane find true happiness when she returns to her
life before she was famous?

After visiting their pasts these lottery winners experience one hour of
Dual Consciousness where they see both versions of their lives.
They are faced with the choice of whether they wish to remain
forever in their changed pasts or go back to their present-day lives
and take up where they left off.

Which life will they choose?

What would you do?